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Bulk SMS

SMS is the only and the fastest way to communicate anything to anybody by the help of a device called Mobile very promptly. Every mobile has the SMS facility available with multiple Languages. A Business Man wants to send some Business related Promotion to its client, and some important information to everybody. But faces many trouble. Here we have a solution. Trickytec has brought its Bulk SMS service to you. Where, you can send multiple SMS to a large number of People and with multiple Regional languages also.

How Bulk SMS works? Bulk SMS normally are of two types. One is Promotional and other one is Transactional.

SMS Credits High Route OTP Route
5,000 SMS ₹ 800/- ₹ 999/-
10,000 SMS ₹ 1,599/- ₹ 1,999/-
25,000 SMS ₹ 3,499/- ₹ 4,499/-
50,000 SMS ₹ 6,499/- ₹ 7,999/-
1,00,000 SMS ₹ 11,999/- ₹ 13,999
5,00,000 SMS ₹ 54,999/- ₹ 62,499/-

Transactional SMS used to send any Urgent Information, Any kindly of Due payment, Balance Information. In a nutshell Transactional SMS used to send only the Necessary information's, not for Promotion or offers. It has no time limit to get delivered. It can be delivered any time throughout the day and also deliverable to DND activated numbers. The software which is made to operate these services is really very much easy to use. One can easily navigate the options.

Fastest bulk sms deliver service by trickytec

You can either enter the mobile number manually or you can upload a huge number of database in excel format or can copy and paste the numbers. If any duplicate number is there then this software removes that number, as a result the deduction of SMS will be reduced for the same number. You can Schedule the SMS for any time you want. You can use near about 24 regional languages which adding a great value to this software. 100% responsive panel with crystal clear delivery reports.