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As like an address needs to reach a destination, a website also needs an address to reach to its viewer. A domain name is works as an address for a website. By entering the Domain name one can see all your product and services given in your website. Internet is known for its huge network where the computers are connected wirelessly and through cable. Computers are easily identifies the website through IP (Internet Protocol) address. But it was very impossible to remember the IP address for human.

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So the Domain name got invented. It is easy to remember. Also one can take a domain name on his/her business names. The domain names are not permanently owned. A user can see your website by entering your domain name like, in any Internet Browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. Trickytec provides Domain name services under its brand at very lowest price compare to market. We take very nominal charges at the time of renewal.


A Web Hosting is a place where you store your website files to show your customers /viewers by entering the domain name. One can host their website by taking a Web Server on rent for like one year, two year and so on.

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A web hosting works by converting the domain name into the IP address and shows the files you stored in your server. Trickytec Provides the Web Hosting services at very affordable and low price with high quality services. The price is very lower as compare to other service providers.