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Terms and Conditions

('Trikcytec Software Services')

1.1 ‘Customer’ – Customer can be a Person, A firm or any organization purchasing services from ‘Trickytec Software Services’

1.2 Should have clear about the company’s Terms & Conditions: Customer should read the Terms and Conditions before opting any services from us. Customer should know what the criteria for working with us are or make us as their IT service partner.

1.3 They (‘Customer’) should be well known about the services they are opting for and what is its use.

1.4 We (‘Trickytec Software Services’) do not load our ideas on customer. It is their idea on whom we work and shape their ideas into a real software service.

1.5 We make the projects documents and gets approval from customer before start proceeding for any of the service design.

1.6 The services and the products thereof are subject to mutually agreed upon by the customer and the Service Provider.

2.1 We decide the service pricing according to the customers work and the project done before proceeding for real design.

2.2 The offered price is decided only upon the approved documented project by the customer.

2.3 If any further addition of work on the approved project by the customer, shall be chargeable extra.

2.4 The service charges shall be paid in advance or 50% of the value and the remaining amount shall be paid before final delivery of service.

2.5 Money once paid to the service provider from customer will not be refunded, if there is any service denial by the Customer.

3.1 If found dispute which is inappropriate done by the customer side which will affect to the company’s brand image, then service may be breach by the service provider without any refund if any payment made by the customer earlier. And also the service provider can charge the penalty for devaluing its brand in the market on the customer.

3.2 If customer wants to breach the service contract from his/her side than a justified reason should be presented. Then the company will decide what next.

3.3 Before any service breach, the financial transaction should have cleared.

4.1 The Data of the customer will be used by the service provider only for the purpose of Clients work related.

4.2 And the data can also be used for Administrating purpose, Support and billing of such products.

5.1 If there is any warranty on any services providing by the company (‘Trickytec Software Services) will be determined by the company.

6.1 No ownership or title of any software products is transferred to customer in any situation.

7.1 Any dispute between provider and customer are subject to Balasore Legal Jurisdiction only.